Simon Pegg joins group

Globe trotting stadium giants Coldplay have invited old friend Simon Pegg onstage with them at a recent Wembley show.

Coldplay have been inundated with good news recently. Their album 'Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends' was one of last year's biggest releases, pushing the band into the upper echelons of rock.

However Joe Satriani wasn't a fan. Alleging that the title track plagiarised one of his axe-slinging epics, the American guitarist filed court papers against the British band.

In a statement last week a Los Angeles judge dismissed the case against Coldplay. To celebrate the band played a mammoth set in Wembley Stadium, tracking their entire career to date.

Opening with 'Life In Technicolor' the band then moved into their previous download single 'Violet Hill'. Coldplay used several different areas across the stage, with their show having become increasingly move lavish.

Turning back the years Coldplay slid into early hit 'Clocks' before performing 'In My Place'. A triumphant 'Yellow' showed the group's early potential, sparking a mass singalong amongst the huge crowd.

Fans got a treat when 'Spaced' star Simon Pegg emerged onstage to play the harmonica part on 'Trouble'. Pegg is an old friend of Coldplay, and appeared during an arena show last year.

Elsewhere in the set Chris Martin played an acoustic version of Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' to an emphatic response from fans.

Coldplay played:

'Life In Technicolor'
'Violet Hill'
'In My Place'
'Glass of Water'
'Cemeteries of London'
'Fix You'
'Strawberry Swing'
'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face'
'The Hardest Part'
'Postcards From Far Away'
'Viva La Vida'
'Death Will Never Conquer'
'Rhyming Song'
'Billie Jean'
'Viva La Vida (Remix)'
'Lovers In Japan'
'Death And All His Friends'
'The Scientist'
'Life In Technicolor II'
'The Escapist'

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