The FACTS for our free-entry show...

The next Clash Saturday Social is getting nearer, and it’s promising to be one to remember.

Here’re all the details you need to get along to our free-entry monthly gig, and have an almighty blast of a time.

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@ Notting Hill Arts Club, London
(21 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3JQ)
April 25, 2009 / 4pm-8pm / free entry / over-18s only

Playing live:

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Like, pretty much the best band in the whole of Scotland, even according to other great bands from Scotland (notably Dananananaykroyd, the modest fools). Hailing from Stonehaven, Copy Haho’s immediately accessible twitchy indie taps into the melodic lo-fi brilliance of a handful of Domino imports while retaining an unmistakable edge of singularity, which shines through in both the lyricism and the band’s irresistible compositional swagger. It’s the kind of stuff you’ll hear once and wonder why it isn’t all over the radio like some kind of weird sonic rash. The band’s ‘Bred For Skills And Magic’ five-track EP is out now on Big Scary Monsters.

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Copy Haho - 'This Retro Decade' (live)

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Frenetic Leeds foursome well and truly on the rise, PABH craft taut cacophonies tapping into the sweet acerbic sounds of stateside acts a la the Blood Brothers and Black Eyes. They'll be playing our Saturday Social fresh from annihilating ear holes at the Camden Crawl - if we told you to expect fireworks we'd be underselling their cracking live show. PABH's single 'I Punched A Lion In The Throat' / 'The Crapsons' is out now on Too Pure, on lovely limited-edition 7"; their BSM 7" of 'Meat Balloon' is totes sold out.


Pulled Apart By Horses - 'I Punched A Lion In The Throat' (live)

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Three-quarters of the excellent Distophia reformed and reinvigorated, with sharp guitar rock rich in melodious nous – it has its share of slacker vibes a la Pavement, but there’s an insistent itchiness to the band’s debut album ‘Adventuring’ which sees it comparable to acts with rather more fire in their bellies. Think: Hot Snakes, Shudder To Think, Q And Not U, even. Only British, and with a better sense of humour. With accolades aplenty attracted to their wares thus far, it goes without saying that Calories’ future is remarkably bright, with more new material due before the year is through.

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Calories - 'A Bear, A Bison' (live)

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Plus Holy Roar and Clash DJs, drinks offers and plenty of other stuff. Be there, yeah? Find this event on Facebook HERE, if you like such things. Or even, HERE.


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