With Death Grips
Clash Magazine - The Outsiders Issue

The new issue of Clash Magazine, our Outsiders issue, is out now featuring Death Grips' MC Ride on the cover.

Uncompromising and unpredictable, Sacramento’s ferocious Noise-rap trio Death Grips take no prisoners when it comes to getting their message across. Lining up for battle, they reveal to Clash exactly what their mission is.

A truly great album doesn’t stop you in your tracks - it quickens the step, speeds the blood through the veins, and has a man feeling invincible while it dominates his senses. Such is the effect Death Grips’ second album ‘The Money Store’ has on this listener. It’s unrelenting in its energy, irresistible in its passion. It priortises inventiveness, isolates itself from commonplace influence and subsequently eschews any genre convention. It is, to the wrong ears, an unholy cacophony. It’s quite possibly the most important album of 2012.

Read an excerpt from our Death Grips feature.

Also featured in the Outsiders issue are Nicolas Jaar, Jeremy Deller, Mark Stewart, Black Die and The Black Lips, MF Doom, Jimmy Cauty, our list of 50 significant outsiders we think you should investigate and Andrew Weatherall, Micachu, Gravenhurst and Matthew Herbert recommend an album each that we should hear.

We also have all the usual, exceptional music, film, fashion and tech coverage with appearances by 2:54, The Bug, The Mothers Of Invention, Dr John, Leonard Cohen and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

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