Scottish band picked due to their “comic-book energy”...

CHVRCHES are set to appear in the new series of Riverdale.

The animated show dives into the Archie Comics universe, and is set to return for a second season later this year.

CHVRCHES will guest star, with the show's creator Alex Segura telling MTV News that he picked the band due to their “comic-book energy”.

He said: “One of the first bands Matt and I thought of was Chvrches just because they’ve got such a modern, fun vibe and we’re both fans of the music”.

CHVRCHES are set to appear as mentors for a new band formed by Archie & Co. in Riversale.

Alex Segura continued: “When we saw Joe [Eisma]’s first sketches of the band, he just nailed it so perfectly that it made sense to have them be the first band.”

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