Although guitarist still unwell

Chic guitarist Niles Rodgers has revealed that he is winning his battle against cancer.

One of the best known guitarists from the disco era, the contribution of Niles Rodgers to pop culture is often downplayed. Yet his thrilling, clipped guitar lines have been sampled by an enormous array of artists.

Diagnosed with cancer last year, Niles Rodgers kept a blog to inform fans of his condition. A detailed and deeply personal journal, the decision tightened the bond between the Chic star and his fans.

Now Niles Rodgers has revealed that he has been officially declared 'cancer free'. In a new blog posting the guitarist broke the news to fans, saying: "Today, my test results said I was "Cancer Free." I was very happy."

However the guitarist has refused to celebrate. Watching the ongoing situation in Japan, the Chic star has stated his concern for the group's many fans in the country where they are still embraced.

"Yesterday, when I was told I was Cancer Free, I was elated - but I was also depressed from the non-stop coverage about the aftermath of Japan's earthquake, tsunami and now the potential nuclear leakage" he explained.

Continuing, Niles Rodgers likened the news to the loss of a friend. "Japan is very important to me and I can't wait to get back there in a few weeks. In April 1996, Bernard Edwards, my long time business partner, failed to answer his wake up call and I found him dead in his hotel room."

"The final words he ever spoke on stage were when he was wishing the people good night after we had just played the last of three fantastic concerts. It was one of the happiest nights of my life followed by one of the saddest."

"These feelings were very much like the bittersweetness I felt yesterday when I was told I was Cancer Free."

Read the entire blog HERE.

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