Guitarist reveals illness to fans

Hugely influential disco songwriter Niles Rodgers has revealed that he is suffering from cancer.

Niles Rodgers was one of the disco's most influential figures. The guitarist in Chic, his choppy guitar lines altered the way dance music was created and helped the band to dominate the Billboard charts.

Currently leading a new group dedicated to the music of Chic, the guitarist remains much loved. Now in a new blog posting Niles Rodgers has revealed that he is suffering from "aggressive cancer".

"On October 27, 2010, I found out I had aggressive cancer. In an instant, everything in my happy-music universe imploded. It was like Jaws was savagely eating me from the inside out. My biopsy showed that I had to make some important decisions... fast."

"After consulting with numerous doctors, I decided to have radical surgery to try and remove the cancer in its entirety. I told only a handful of people because I didn't want to worry anyone, especially, my family around the holidays. I did everything as usual - as best I could - until one day I couldn't" he explained.

"My hand had sudden muscle loss and a number of stressful events followed. I've just returned home from the hospital and want to explain my recent disappearance to everybody and share my appreciation of life, music and people."

Chic hinged on the partnership between Niles Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, who tragically died over a decade ago. "Cancer is horrifying. It makes you think a lot. My ex-partner passed away and most people don’t realize many songs they sing along with every day he did."

"Maybe, I was just afraid of dying and feeling sorry for myself - cancer also makes you do that. But my sadness was real. Cancer is a humiliating disease and I wanted to feel dignified about something."

Read the entire blog HERE.

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