LIsten to 'Fall' now...

Cheatahs are continuing to tease fans with hints of their forthcoming debut album - listen to 'Fall' below.

Think you've got Cheatahs pegged? East London slacker types, right? With one foot on their fuzz pedal and the other firmly in the slacker songbook.

Well think again. The band have evolved with each release, refining their songwriting and taking new chances. Working with Wichita, Cheatahs are now focussing on their debut album - and it could lead them in some starting directions.

This afternoon group placed a new track online. 'Fall' is reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine, with sheets of noise smothering the vocals under a honeycomb of sound.

Seemingly "an early version of a brand new song" which will appear on their debut album, you can listen to 'Fall' below.

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Cheatahs are currently working on their debut album.


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