French singer on new album

Cult French star Charlotte Gainsbourg has spoken about her new album 'IRM' which was crafted with American singer Beck.

Charlotte Gainsbourg comes from French showbusiness royalty. Her father was legendary lothario and performer Serge, while the young singer has come into her own as a unique talent.

A gifted actress, Charlotte Gainsbourg has been working on new material with Beck. Partially inspired by her recent bout of ill health, 'IRM' is a wonderful blast of songwriting.

Speaking to Time Magazine the French star was quick to point out the influence of Beck in recording sessions. "Beck wrote all of the music and lyrics. I love Beck's way of writing" the singer revealed.

"I love his language, his vocabulary, his images. It's like being a character to be able to go into someone else's world. I kept my English accent, and I'm French, but I'm speaking American words. I always like mixtures. Also, with French there's no distance. I have all my father's references. With English, I feel completely free."

'IRM' takes its name from the French acronym for MRI. Charlotte Gainsbourg was involved in an accident in 2007 which was shortly followed by a brain haemorrhage.

Undergoing extensive MRI scans, Charlotte Gainsbourg recalled the painful time to Time Magazine. "I did a lot of MRI scans to reassure myself after the surgery" she said.

"I was being cowardly and I needed an exam whenever I thought something was wrong with me. The only way to deal with (my health concerns) was to escape by imagining something. The sounds inside the machine are nasty to hear. They're brutal and aggressive, and rhythmically very chaotic".

"But they're also musical. I talked to Beck about this MRI idea and made him listen to a whole sequence of sounds from the Internet, and he liked it."

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