Drummer refutes split rumours

Legendary rock drummer Charlie Watts has spoken out over rumours that he is due to leave The Rolling Stones.

Charlie Watt joined The Rolling Stones in 1963 and to date is the band's only drummer. Deeply influenced by jazz, the musician is known for his efficient style, Saville Row suits and laid back manner.

However the drummer has also had his fair share of run ins with the group. In the early 80s Mick Jagger gave an interview in which he referred to Charlie Watts as "his drummer". Infuriated, Watts burst into Jagger's hotel room and gave the frontman an almighty wallop uttering the immortal words - "you're my singer".

Since then, though, all has been well in the world of the Stones. Tours have come and gone, with The Rolling Stones arguably bigger now than they have ever been. The group played a show in Brazil a few years ago that packed in almost one million people.

Recent press reports indicated that Charlie Watts was tired of life in the band. Australian website Undercover claimed that the drummer had quit The Rolling Stones, quoting an un-named source as saying Watts "will never record or tour with the band again".

The news story spread like wildfire, with the split - if true - being the first change in the Stones line up since Bill Wyman left in the early 90s.

However Charlie Watts has moved quickly to dispel these rumours with Uncut magazine reporting a statement from the drummer. “Contrary to a fabricated story that ran this morning on a small music web site in Australia, drummer Charlie Watts has not left The Rolling Stones.”

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