Grab 'Light Show' now...

Cave Painting have posted new album teaser 'Light Show' online as a free download - grab it now.

Ambition, that's what Cave Painting have. A group of London newcomers not afraid to tackle big questions head on, the band combine soaring, epic songwriting with deft, subtle use of electronics.

Debut album 'Votive Life' drops on September 24th, with Third Rock Recordings helping the band leap onto record shelves.

Continuing to tease fans, Cave Painting recently posted bonus cut 'Light Show' online. Available as a free download, 'Light Show' was recorded at the same time as their debut album and shows off their love of spotlight guitar lines, pounding drums and reverb drenched vocals.

Download it below.

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Fancy some more? Cave Painting recently posted the video for 'So Calm' online - watch it below.


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