Final UK show confirmed

Cats & Cats & Cats have confirmed that they are set to split up after completing an upcoming European tour.

Sometimes good things aren't meant to last...

Cats & Cats & Cats are set to split. The band's rather meagre discography contains just two studio albums - 'If I Had An Atlas' and 'Mother Whale' - but the sheer promise displayed by those released had the group marked down for great things.

Great things which sadly won't now be happening. In a short message, Cats & Cats & Cats confirmed that they are planning to split. "From the end of February 2012 the band once known as Cats and Cats and Cats will be coming to an end. It’s with heavy hearts we say this but they’re also happy hearts as they’re full of great memories and fondness for both each other and the people who’ve helped us over the years. Of which there have been so many we’re going to fill a whole blog with thank you messages to all the people we can remember that we owe so much to."

"If you ever want to be reminded of how generous and wonderful people can be I urge you to start a band, you’ll soon realise that all over the world people are willing to let you sleep on their floor, cook you delicious fry ups, drive you around, put you on in their town, produce incredible artwork and much more. I’ll bet if you’re reading this then you’ve probably helped us out, even if it’s by telling your friends about us. So we send our thanks out to you too."

Cats & Cats & Cats are set to go out with a bang, confirming plans for their final UK show on February 10th. Taking place at the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town, London tickets for the date are on sale now.

In a neat twist, the band are allowing fans to vote on which songs will feature in the set list. Make your voice heard HERE.

Cats & Cats & Cats final show:

10 London Bull & Gate

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