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Cassette Store Day

Cassette Store Day - a celebration of all things reel to reel - is set to launch later this year.

At one point, the cassette seemed to be on the verge of extinction. Few releases were carried by the format, while processing plants either switched to vinyl and CD production or fell by the wayside.

However the past few years have seen the cassette mount an unlikely resurgence. Blame hipsters, blame the fetishisation of the physical product - either way, the C30 is back in action.

In honour of this, Cassette Store Day will take place on September 7th. Hosted by Rough Trade East, labels providing special releases for the event include SEXBEAT (Fucked Up), Kissability (Los Campesinos!) and Suplex Cassettes (Fair Ohs, Proper Ornaments) and more.

In addition to this, labels such as Domino, Transgressive and 4AD are set to place elements of their catalogue back on reel to reel. Other labels involved in the project include Night School, Jade Tree, Mirror Universe, Reeks of Effort, Art is Hard, Faux Discx and Tye Die Tapes with more to be confirmed.

Keep up to date with developments HERE.

Cassette Store Day takes place on September 7th.


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