'Murmurs' reaches magnetic tape...

Novella has spoken about their love of cassettes, with new release 'Murmurs' reaching magnetic tape.

Something's happening to Novella. Long a bright spark in the capital's indie pop scene, their recent shows have displayed a flurry of new material which is dark, dank and ultimately fascinating.

'Murmurs' gathers some of these standout moments together. Containing four new songs recorded by Jack Cooper from Mazes and Mark Jasper at SoundSavers in Homerton, the material shuffles in the moonlight with a menacing twinkle in its eye.

Somewhere between the one-note fantasias of The Velvet Underground and the perpetual rhythms of Neu! it's a release which seems to come tattered and frayed at the edges. Available on cassette, it's probably only a matter of time before your copy actually does become tattered and frayed at the edges.

Sophy Hollington explains the band's thinking behind their choice of format: "The primary reason we decided to make a tape for our latest release is because it's cheap. But there are plenty of reasons; you don't have to worry about test presses, they're fast to make, you can make them yourself and to order. I don't think it's a fashion statement, I think bands are cornered in to making these decisions because we don't have as much money floating around these days. No hard feelings though, they sound and look great!"

"If you don't have a tape player, it's just a fancy box for a download code, but all the same, I think it's important for bands to be able to give people something they can own/hold in their hands; it's a way of coming face to face with the people that actually want to buy and listen to your music."

Check out new cut 'Follow' below.

'Murmurs' is out now via Italian Beach Babes - purchase link.

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