Early Christmas present...?

Calvin Harris has confirmed that he will never tour again due to concerns over his voice.

Calvin Harris is a love 'em or loathe 'em figure. The Scottish dance producer has enjoyed enormous commercial success, capable of filling arenas and drawing thousands of fans to festivals.

However his output is loathed by some sections of the electronic community. Announcing news that he is set to withdraw from performing live to concentrate on studio work, Calvin Harris has disappointed and delighted in equal measure.

Speaking to Australian newspaper Herald Sun the producer confirmed the news. "I've stopped the live shows," he said. "I'm not a singer, I'm not trained. Taking it onto the stage in front of people was terrifying. I got much, much better at it but I never lost the terror."

Continuing, Calvin Harris explained that he finds it almost impossible to maintain his voice on tour. "Looking after your voice on tour is such a priority and such a nightmare. If I had a night out the night before a show it'd be awful and I'd feel for the audience" he said.

"I'll do some studio singing for sure, but never live. It's not worth the risk for anyone, for the people in the audience or me, my pride."

Meanwhile, Calvin Harris is set to concentrate on production work and DJ duties. "I'm going to focus more on production and DJing and zero percent of my time will go on singing," he said. "I'll do tracks with people who can sing well - proper artists, proper performers."

Which is a shame. Calvin Harris live tours were always capable of throwing up amusing incidents, such as when the producer was hit full in the face by a plimsole at a show in Dundee.

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