'Hope In Dirt City' due to be released on May 29th

Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon is set to release new album 'Hope In Dirt City' on May 29th.

Continually pushing ahead and re-inventing himself, Cadence Weapon has continually sought out new sounds. Silent for too damn long, the rapper recently revealed that he was working on new material.

Releasing several tracks via his Twitter account, Cadence Weapon has been working with guest producers including Grimes. Now the Canadian artist has firmed up details of his first studio album in almost four years.

'Hope In Dirt City' will be released on June 29th, and boasts the following artwork:

1. Get On Down
2. Conditioning
3. Jukebox
4. Cheval
5. (You Can’t Stop) The Machine
6. No More Names (Aditi)
7. Small Deaths
8. Hype Man
9. There We Go
10. Crash Course For The Ravers
11. Hope In Dirt City

Lead single 'Conditioning' is out now as a free download, watch the video below.

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Cadence Weapon is set to release 'Hope In Dirt City' on May 29th.

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