Suspected of planning a massacre...
Varg Vikernes

Black metal musician Varg Vikernes has been arrested in France, reportedly for planning a massacre.

Part of the first wave of Norwegian black metal, Varg Vikernes remains one of the most notorious musicians the country has ever produced. Convicted of murder and three charges of arson against churches, Vikernes completed his prison sentence in 2009.

Moving to France, the musician seemed to be attempted to focus on music once more. Now reports in Le Monde (via The Quietus) indicate that Varg Vikernes has been arrested by police.

Information is sketchy, but Vikernes was detained at his farmyard based outside the town of Salon-la Tour in the Corrèze département. The arrest was made by the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence, with Le Monde reporting that the agency claim he is suspected of "preparing a massacre".

As The Quietus point out, comparisons are being made between Varg Vikernes and Anders Brevik - however the black metal musician was actually critical of Brevik's actions. Not that this portrays his own viewpoint in a more favourable light - in an abusive, anti-Semitic post back in 2012 Vikernes argued for a worryingly phrased 'European' ideal.

"As long as there are true Europeans alive they will continue to fail, and our European blood makes sure that we can at any time revive the true European spirit and turn Europe into our Elysium again. Today we are on the offensive. For the first time in many decades. The final solution to this problem is not to kill anyone, but to raise our children with European ideals and values, and a European world view, and make sure that Christianity dies out when our coward parent generation dies out."

More on this as it comes in.

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