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Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry has posted the video for new track 'The Only Face' taken from his upcoming album 'The Jazz Age'.

Perhaps pop's most iconic lounge lizard, Bryan Ferry has always admitted to a jazz influence. Recently, though, the singer has embarked on an unusual new venture - interpreting his material in the style of 1920s, 1930s jazz.

Forming The Bryan Ferry Orchestra, the results will be gathered on upcoming studio album 'The Jazz Age'. This morning Bryan Ferry posted a new preview, pointing fans towards a video featuring a fresh version of 'The Jazz Age'. It'a a curious re-invention.

The Bryan Ferry Orchestra turn the track into a languid hymn to romance, with the clarinet tackling the vocal line. Almost immediately evocative of rain falling upon a neon lit New York boulevard, 'The Only Face' is a nigh on perfect encapsulation of a certain sound.

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'The Jazz Age' is set to be released on November 26th.

Photo Credit: A. Whitehead


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