Plus 'Glimpse Of A Time' video emerges...
Broken Twin

Broken Twin has arrived with remarkable levels of self-assurance.

Take new track 'Glimpse Of A Time'. Evolving slowly, patiently, the beauty of the arrangement belies the tightly wrought emotion which runs through the lyrics.

Taken from debut album 'May', the track has now gained a full video. Broken Twin (real name Majke Voss Romme) explains:

"Making the video for “Glimpse of a Time” has been a great process... I love working with Jonas. He’s very talented and it was fun and easy, cause I knew him already.” She adds: “Glimpse” is a very sparse and spacious song and I wanted to keep that feeling. So when we started out we didn’t have too many plans, except that we wanted it to be shot somewhere empty. Somewhere old we could fill with something new. So we went looking for abandoned houses and somehow Jonas got connected to this great place. Beautiful rooms, high ceilings, lots of space, a bit trashed. Apparently, back in the days, this was where the king would stay over when he was out swan hunting. This was where he brought his secret mistresses. I mean, who wouldn’t want to do a video somewhere like that?"

Watch it now.

Broken Twin's 'May' will be released on April 28th. The following tour dates have been confirmed:

4 Salford Sounds From The Other City
7 London St John on Bethnal Green
8 Ramsgate Ramsgate Music Hall
9 Brighton The Great Escape

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