"Wwhen you want us to come back just give us a call"

Broken Social Scene are set to take a break after an extensive period of international touring.

Broken Social Scene have sat at the centre of the Canadian music scene for over a decade. Helping to transform the perception of the country's musical output, the band have worked tirelessly to produce a back catalogue seething with gems.

Last year's 'Forgiveness Rock Record' is a good example. Containing some terrific songwriting, the record saw Broken Social Scene beef up their sound, appearing to be more confident than ever.

Launching a world tour, Broken Social Scene have spent over a year on the road. The Canadian group have now decided to take a short break, with songwriter Kevin Drew explaining some of the reasons to Pitchfork.

"How many times have I said "last show"? I've taken "boy cries wolf" to the next level. Endings have not really been something we've been good at, and letting go was always a scary notion for us, especially when so many families are relying on what has become Broken Social Scene and how we've made our living."

"Being together again and making Forgiveness Rock Record together was one of the great experiences of recording for us. While we were on the road, we kept saying we would stop, but we just kept going. But now's the time because there are other projects that people want to pursue, and we feel that we've done what we wanted to do. I think we've really gone as far as we can with playing these tunes."

However Broken Social Scene are not ruling out a possible return. "We're all here, and we're all still together, and we're all eating dinner, and we're all hanging with our kids, and we're all going to weddings and we're all very much a tour de force and I think that's why you can never say that this band is going to go cash-in on a reunion tour."

"You can only say we're going to disappear for a while, but when you want us to come back just give us a call. We'll pick up the phone."

Broken Social Scene are set to play their final North American show of the foreseeable future at the Filmore in San Francisco on October 1st.

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