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Broken Hands

Broken Hands are lining up the release of their new EP - check out preview track 'Alarms' on ClashMusic.

There's a strange connection between Mississippi and the south of England. For some reason, Kent has produced almost as many blues guitarists as the deep South - almost as if the A13 was connected to the crossroads where Robert Johnson sold his soul.

Hailing from Kent, Broken Hands are part of this lineage. Steeped in dirty denim guitar chords and beat up amplifiers, the band's live shows have an unhinged quality which sets them apart.

New EP 'Down By The Current' is set to be released this summer. Seemingly, the new material was inspired by the festival season.

"Plagued by torrential rain, I waded through T In The Park's Scottish mud and stopped at the live arena to witness hundreds of mini-events unfold" said singer Dale Norton. "Couples tearing each other apart whilst flocks of drug infused followers droned on. Groups of new-found friends danced without a care for time, or the knowledge that their tent had also been engulfed by the torrent. All this was being fuelled by the music - the songs on this EP are anchored to these and our own experiences. Those people were in the moment and we want our music to be there when it happens again."

Listen to it here.

As if that wasn't enough... ClashMusic are also able to offer you a stream of new track 'Alarms'. Find it below.


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