'Taking Out The Trash' due on November 26th
Bos Angeles

Bos Angeles are set to release new compilation 'Taking Out The Trash' as a cassette on November 26th.

The resurgence of the cassette has split music fans, but there's something about those dinky bits of plastic which tug at the heartstrings of the ClashMusic office. We love a good cassette release, we do, especially when it comes from young turks such as Bos Angeles.

Responsible for a string of hazy, fuzzed up jams the London group recently dug out a few missing tracks from the cupboard. The results are fairly glorious: Bos Angeles have pieced together four EPs, which were due to form the spine of their since-abandoned debut album.

Charting their progression from lazy, surfer hymns to something approaching maturity the cassette is set to come out via Tye Die Tapes. Containing a total of 21 tracks, Bos Angeles have decided to limit the release to a mere 200 copies.

Listen to 'Taking Out The Trash' via BandCamp below.

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'Taking Out The Trash' is set to be released on November 26th.


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