'Birthmarks' due on April 21st

Born Ruffians are set to release their new album 'Birthmarks' on April 21st.

A Canadian indie rock institution, Born Ruffians have enjoyed a lengthy association with Warp Records. Completing work on a new album, it seems that a fresh chapter is set to be written.

Pairing up with another independent label juggernaut, Born Ruffians have swapped Warp for Yep Roc. New album 'Birth Marks' will be released on April 21st, and seemingly has its origins to several different locations.

Part of the album was written while the group were sharing a house, while other aspects were constructed as their tour activities took them around the globe.

New track 'With Her Shadow' is the first track to be unearthed from the album. All tight riffing and off kilter harmonies, it's a spirited introduction to the new material.

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Born Ruffians are set to release new album 'Birthmarks' on April 21st.


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