'The Lost Notebooks' out now

Details of the Bob Dylan helmed Hank Williams tribute project have been unveiled.

It's one of the most potent myths in Dylan's career. Urged to re-sign to Columbia, the songwriter was offered previously unseen and unpublished notebooks written by Hank Williams.

Deciding to put music to the lyrics, Bob Dylan set about assembling a varied cast to help him achieve this - however few fans ever expected to see the album reach the light of day.

Now 'The Lost Notebooks Of Hank Williams' have reached music stores. Columbia have handled the release, with the album available right now as a digital download. (via Consequence of Sound)

The full tracklisting makes for intriguing reading, with Bob Dylan himself handling 'The Love That Faded'. The Band's Levon Helm tackles 'You'll Never Be Mine Again' while Sheryl Crow sings 'Angle Mine'.

Country star Merle Haggard finishes the album, while Jack White emerges to record 'You Know That I Know'. 30 second clips are available on Amazon, while Rolling Stone has managed to grab the full stream of the Jack White cut.

Listen to the Jack White rendition of 'You Know That I Know' HERE.

Jack White spoke to ClashMusic earlier this year about the project. "I did a project with Bob Dylan: he put together twenty or twenty-five people to finish writing Hank Williams songs that only had lyrics and didn’t have music - it was the opposite of this project. I did this a year beforehand - I had to write music for Hank Williams’ lyrics" he explained.

"I looked through all the piles of lyrics, and one of ’em just kept speaking to me. Sometimes you think it’s gonna be really hard to find my spot, and then it picks it for you. You don’t even have to choose it; it just picks it for you."

Read the full interview HERE.

'The Lost Notebooks Of Hank Williams' are out now. Tracklisting:

1. Alan Jackson – You’ve Been Lonesome, Too
2. Bob Dylan – The Love That Faded
3. Norah Jones – How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart?
4. Jack White – You Know That I Know
5. Lucinda Williams – I’m So Happy I Found You
6. Vince Gill and Rodney Crowell – I Hope You Shed a Million Tears
7. Patty Loveless – You’re Through Fooling Me
8. Levon Helm – You’ll Never Again Be Mine
9. Holly Williams – Blue Is My Heart
10. Jakob Dylan – Oh, Mama, Come Home
11. Sheryl Crow – Angel Mine
12. Merle Haggard – The Sermon on the Mount

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