If you believe Facebook...

Boards of Canada have confirmed that they are working on a new studio album.

Boards Of Canada are secretive, cult-ish... reclusive. So it comes as a surprise to find that the band have a Facebook page, and an even bigger shock to discover that they actually use it.

With speculation about a new album mounting, one fan took it upon themselves to ask the Scottish duo directly: "Rumours of a new BOC album are rife ? , any truth in this ?"

To the shock of the poster - and just about everybody who has ever been touched by the duo's music - Boards of Canada gave a one word reply: "yes".

Warp ain't saying nuffink, with Boards Of Canada seemingly out on a limb with this one. The pair do seem to have been stirring of late, with their Twitter feed recently directing fans towards a YouTube channel.

If true, the album would represent the band's first batch of new material since the release of 2006 EP 'Trans Canada Highway'.

Naturally, there's no word of a potential release date or even if the material will gain an official release.

Here's 'Dayvan Cowboy'.


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