'Tomorrow's Harvest' draws closer...
Tomorrows Harvest

Boards Of Canada have been busy over the weekend - sharing a new track and hosting a listening party.

Oh, Boards Of Canada... where would we be without you?

New album 'Tomorrow's Harvest' grows closer each day, and with each day the duo seem to drop more clues. Over the weekend, Boards Of Canada dropped a series of hints suggesting that something would happen at 5pm PDT on May 27th.

Come the anointed date and time, the crowd at Detroit's Movement Electronic Music Festival were treated to a mysterious new song blasting out of the speakers. Broadcast with pink visuals emblazoned with a hexagon - seemingly the Sandison's shape of choice - the song has been identified as 'Cold Earth'.

Watch that moment below.

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Later, Boards Of Canada posted the simple message: "May 27th 12:00 PDT". Seemingly identified as an abandoned water park, Bleeps 'n' Bloops named the location as Lake Dolores Waterpark in Southern California. A listening party for 'Tomorrow's Harvest' then took place, which was captured by USTREAM user Tonx23.

Watch the first four songs below:

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