Well, it was limited edition...
Boards of Canada

An extremely limited edition Boards Of Canada 12 inch has sold for $5700 on eBay.

Just over a month ago, Boards of Canada were still posted missing. The reclusive duo might have been teasing fans with the prospect of new material, but the chances of actually hearing appeared slim to none.

Then on Record Store Day, a fan found a mysterious 12 inch single. Purporting to be from the duo, it sparked a global hunt which ended with the announcement of 'Tomorrow's Harvest' - the first new album from Boards of Canada since 2005.

Later, the fan decided to place the 12 inch single on eBay. A collector's item - to date, only two copies have been found - it immediately saw its price rise into four figures.

Ending on $5700, the user states that he is "a college kid getting ready to graduate and move abroad and am [sic] in serious need of money".

Finishing, he paid tribute to the detective work of his fellow fans: "nothing will erase the experience of pursuing the answer this record made me ask, and moreover the satisfaction of having that question answered by the hard work of my fellow nerds."

'Tomorrow's Harvest' is set to be released on June 10th.

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