‘She’s Hearing Voices’ re-pressed

Bloc Party are set to re-issue their debut single 'She's Hearing Voices' for Record Store Day.

Bloc Party and Transgressive remain closely tied. Both band and label seemed to emerge at the same time, with their subsequent success seeming to be intertwined.

Record Store Day is fast approaching, and this time round it coincides with the tenth anniversary of Bloc Party's alliance with Transgressive. Seeking to commemorate the event in style, the band have decided to re-issue 'She's Hearing Voices'.

Initially released in 2004, 'She's Hearing Voices' was housed by Trash Aesthetics - the initial incarnation of Transgressive. “Slowly, our band found its feet, as did Tim's idea for a record label" explains Gordon Moakes, "and in 2004 our very first release, and also his, was unleashed: a three track vinyl 7-inch single, recorded in our rehearsal space, mixed by us on an eight-track recorder, with a sleeve I put together on an old PC in my lunch hours as a graphic designer.”

To mark the 10th anniversary of Bloc Party and Transgressive first coming together, 'She's Hearing Voices' will be given a limited edition re-issue.

Pressed on red vinyl, only 500 copies will be made available for the Record Store Day release. Gordon Moakes: “It's a reminder that even though our stories are long and entwined, Bloc Party and Transgressive both continue to go from strength to strength.”

Stream the 'Silent Alarm' version of 'She's Hearing Voices' below.

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Transgressive will re-issue 'She's Hearing Voices' on Record Store Day (April 21st).

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