"We'll be taking some time off..."
Bloc Party

Bloc Party are set to take some time off after this summer's festival season.

Bloc Party's return last year brought back some fantastic memories. Seeming to re-capture that early energy, subsequent album 'FOUR' (Clash review) was accompanied by some epic shows.

Touring around Europe and beyond, the strain placed on the band appears to be taking its toll. In an interview with Postmedia News guitarist Russell Lissack explained that the group are exhausted and - once the festival season is out of the way - plan to take an extended break. (via The Guardian)

"Definitely after we finish the festivals in the summer we'll be taking some time off" he said. The break will last "at least six months, maybe a year, maybe two years... It's hard to say. Once we start taking time off people start doing their own thing … extending how long we spend apart."

Bloc Party previously went on hiatus in 2009, sparking a series of solo projects. Kele Okereke experimented with antique synths, before reportedly moving to New York in order to focus on his aspirations to be a writer.

At times, it appeared that the break would be permanent - but the band came roaring back last year. Set to play the Isle of Wight this summer, Bloc Party are also said to be working on a new EP which will be released before the end of the year.

Here's 'Truth'.

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