Containing full refund details

The organisers of Bloc has posted a full statement online, expanding on recent events.

Shifting from Camber Sands to London Pleasure Gardens this summer, Bloc took a leap of faith. Sadly, it was a decision which did not pay off: in tumultuous circumstances, the dance weekender shut down on its opening night.

Since then, speculation and recriminations have dogged the organisers. Holding company Baselogic was placed into administration, while London Pleasure Gardens quickly followed.

Now organisers have posted a full statement online. It's fairly exhaustive, and opens with an apology to leaving fans in the dark for so long. Referring to the administration process, the statement reads: "The advice we received was to hang back from all public conversations about the festival as they worked in the background to make their enquiries and ascertain the status of refunds. Anything we said publicly could have compromised their efforts and made it harder for this to happen. As much as we wanted to reach out to everyone, we were told time and again that ultimately it would only harm this process, so we’ve kept quiet."

"It’s been painful to watch everything develop and not be able to comment, but ultimately it was the best thing as now we and Parker Andrews are in a position to explain what happened as far as we understand it, and publish information on refunds. We’re sorry for our silence but it was unavoidable given the circumstances."

Revealing several facts about the organisational process, the assurances given to them by London Pleasure Gardens and more the statement is a very open, concise document.

Finishing with an apology, Bloc organisers wrote: "Following five successful editions of the Bloc festival, this year we could not deliver what we had planned - we cannot stress enough how sorry we are for this. We’ve learned from these experiences and have humbly taken on board the criticisms leveled at us."

Read the full statement HERE.

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