New EP is "way out"
Blink 182

Blink 182 have discussed their new material, revealing that one track sees them explore a potential folk direction.

Three chords and fart jokes: that's the public perfection of Blink 182. Returning with comeback album 'Neighbourhoods' the band seemed to pick up where they left off - chock full of punk-pop anthems and toilet humour, it delighted fans.

Now it seems that Blink 182 are moving in a new direction. Working on fresh material, the songs apparently find Blink 182 exploring folk textures and even the odd touch of electronics.

Chatting to Rolling Stone, Travis Barker said: "It's way out. We all had some ideas. I went in the studio and I was just playing around. I had my electronic kit and I just played a straight drum pattern over it, and it sounded crazy. It changed the entire shape of the song."

Labelling it "very folky" the track should see the light of day as part of a digital only Christmas EP. Parting company with long time label Interscope, Blink 182 are now operating as an independent entity for the first time in 15 years.

As a result, the new EP is a pitched as a celebration of independence. Barker told Rolling Stone that the release is "for the fans. It's like a post-being-off-the-label celebration".


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