Atlanta group signal new album...
Black Lips

Black Lips are set to release new album 'Underneath The Rainbow' on March 17th.

Black Lips are debauched, deranged and sick in the head. They are also a life affirming experience, a band whose blistering psych-punk has taken them to places other groups would fear to tread.

Who's right? Well, who can tell? New album 'Underneath The Rainbow' drops early next year, and will hopefully end the debate over the Atlanta flower-punks.

Out on March 17th via VICE, the material was recorded in two bursts. Firstly the band convened at Dunham Studios in New York to record with Dap Kings music director Tommy Brenneck, then Black Lips worked with Black Keys' Patrick Carney in Nashville.

Intriguingly, Black Lips apparently - we emphasise the apparently - phoned Phil Spector in prison to ask for advice. He declined to answer.

Black Lips are set to release 'Underneath The Rainbow' on March 17th. Tracklisting:

1. Drive By Buddy
2. Smiling
3. Make You Mine
4. Funny
5. Dorner Party
6. Justice After All
7. Boys in the Wood
8. Waiting
9. Do the Vibrate
10. I Don't Wanna Go Home
11. Dandelion Dust
12. Dog Years

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