The cover art is appalling...
What The

The new version of Black Flag have unveiled plans for upcoming album 'What The'.

Black Flag's long, complicated history took another twist earlier this year. Guitarist and founding member Greg Ginn took a new version of the band out on the road, in the process taking legal action against FLAG - a group who play Black Flag material and contain former members.

The squabble continues, but for now Black Flag (at least, Ginn's version) are going back into the studio. New album 'What The' is set to be released in the States on November 5th, with material appearing through Ginn's resurgent imprint SST.

A handful of tracks have appeared online, but with the album containing some twenty two songs there will be plenty of surprises here.

Not least the cover art... a band renowned for their work with Raymond Pettibon (Ginn's brother) this is a less than historic addition to their visual catalogue.

'What The' will be released on November 5th. Tracklisting:

1. My Heart’s Pumping
2. Down in the Dirt
3. Blood and Ashes
4. Now Is the Time
5. Wallow in Despair
6. Slow Your Ass Down
7. It’s so Absurd
8. Shut Up
9. This Is Hell
10. Go Away
11. The Bitter End
12. The Chase
13. I’m Sick
14. It’s Not My Time to Go-Go
15. Lies
16. Get Out of My Way
17. Outside
18. No Teeth
19. To Hell and Back
20. Give Me All Your Dough
21. You Gotta Be Joking
22. Off My Shoulders

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