Due to vocal cord nodule

Bjork has been forced to pull out of Primavera due to ongoing problems with a vocal cord nodule.

Bjork's health problems continue. The Icelandic singer was forced to postpone several South American dates earlier this year, with a vocal cord nodule making live performance almost impossible.

Now the singer has pulled out of Primavera. Scheduled to headline the event, Bjork has decided that she is simply not well enough to perform at the Spanish festival.

In a statement, Primavera organisers apologised to fans:

- - -

After canceling some shows due to an inflamed nodule, Björk's specialist doctor advised her to keep resting and not to continue with the shows as they could bring a permanent damage to her voice.

We are very sorry about any inconvenience this might bring, and appreciate your understanding.

We wish Björk a quick and full recovery to continue enjoying her talent soon.

- - -

Disappointed? Well, Primavera are offering fans the option of re-funding day tickets for Primavera Sound on June 2nd and Optimus Primavera Sound on June 9th.

Using her Facebook page, Bjork recently published a poem which seems to shed some light on her ongoing throat issues.

"i have a recurrent dream
every time i feel a hoarseness
i swallow warm g l o w i n g lights
my mother and son baked for me"

Get well soon, Bjork!

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