'K Is For Kelson' due on May 23rd

Wolverhampton wonder-kid Bibio is preparing to release his new EP 'K Is For Kelson' on May 23rd.

Real name Stephen Wilkinson, Bibio has been making otherworldly electronica for a decade now. Initially parked way out in the left field, since signing to Warp the producer has begun to restrain himself.

Released in 2009, 'Ambivalence Avenue' was a stunning album which mixed fuzzy pop songs with distorted electronics. Bibio reached a far wider audience as a result, although his live shows remained deeply inventive affair.

Since then, the producer has toured across the world and released a new EP. Knuckling down to complete his new album, the dubstep-infused lead single 'Excuses' was released earlier this year.

A stunning return, it marked a definite dancefloor sensibility from the producer. Bibio is due to release his new album 'Mind Bokeh' on April 4th, with Wilkinson playing every single instrument - including brandy glasses and a Chinese fan.

Continually exploring the environment around him, Bibio has now confirmed details of a new EP. Stripped from the new album, 'K Is For Kelson' will be bolstered with some fresh tracks from the producer.

Listen to 'K Is For Kelson' below...

Bibio - K is for Kelson (taken from 'Mind Bokeh') by Warp Records

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