Listen to it now...

Bibio has posted a preview of new album 'Silver Wilkinson' - listen to it now.

Bibio is stirring. Using a home studio, the producer could be forgiven for drifting off into seclusion, allowing his endless house jams to spiral off into infinity.

But no. It's Spring, our Inbox is groaning and we've just popped Bibio's new album 'Silver Wilkinson' on the stereo. Now, we're not about to review the album in full - that's someone else's job - but we can say this: it's good. Very good.

Out on May 13th, the producer decided to cough up a short preview this afternoon.

Pasting a few pieces into a short mix, you can listen to segments of 'Silver Wilkinson' below.

- - -

'Silver Wilkinson' is set to be released on May 13th. Tracklisting:

1. The First Daffodils
2. Dye the Water Green
3. Wulf
4. Mirroring All
5. À tout à l'heure
6. Sycamore Silhouetting
7. You
8. Raincoat
9. Look at Orion!
10. Business Park
11. You Won't Remember...


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