Collaboration lined up

Band Of Horses singer Ben Bridwell is set to perform on the new album from Biffy Clyro.

Clash are big fans of unusual collaborations, so the following news tickled us no end...

It seems that Biffy Clyro have been recording with Ben Bridwell, the Sainted-voiced frontman with Band of Horses. The singer will seemingly appear on 'Opposites' - the Scottish group's forthcoming double LP.

Chatting with the NME recently, Ben Bridwell revealed that he was initially approached by Biffy Clyro themselves. "I got an email from our manager via their A&R rep asking if I'd be interested in singing on a couple of songs" he said. "I'm a huge fan of those guys, especially of their last record, so I just freaked out. I couldn't believe it."

Continuing, Bridwell explained that the collaboration took time to organise due to conflicting schedules. "Simon (Neil) and I got in touch and talked about it here and there. Months later, he hit me up again and said they were ready to go ahead with it".

"We were in the middle of our promotional cycle so between all the interviews, finding a second of time didn’t seem like an option. But Bill (Reynolds) and I set up a little mic in our hotel room and decided to go for it and just scream as loud as possible."

Finishing, Ben Bridwell insisted that he would gladly have the Scottish rockers appear on a Band Of Horses album. "I wanted them to sing on this song called 'Dumpster World' from our new album. I even sent it to Simon to see if it would catch his ear but, in the end, it seemed to be deviating from what our plot was for this thing. But yes, in the future, I would certainly love it to happen. I think Biffy Clyro would sound awesome on a Band Of Horses record."

'Opposites' is set to be released later this year.

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