Listen to 'Kanute's Comin' Round'
Beaty Heart

Very few bands sound like themselves.

At best, a handful of influences shine through, a note hear or a sound there which makes reference to the past.

Peckham's Beaty Heart though, sound like almost nobody else. New single 'Kanute's Comin' Round' is a swirling, psychedelic piece of modernism which is barely recognisable as a pop song.

Yet those dreamy melodies, it's kinetic rhythm pull you in. It's almost impossible to escape from Beaty Heart's grasp, especially when their material is this enticing.

Due for release on March 3rd, you can listen to 'Kanute's Comin' Round' below.

Beaty Heart are set to release their debut album 'Mixed Blessings' on May.

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