Unique memorabilia up for grabs

A stunning piece of Beatles memorabilia is now available for fans, who can win the group's contract with Brian Epstein.

The Fab Four remain as popular as ever. With the band's back catalogue set to be re-released later this year The Beatles could dominate the charts all over again, with their iconic recording benefiting from expert sound restoration techniques.

Aside from that, The Beatles are also set to be honoured with a new 'Rock Band' game. Soon, you'll be able to perform as John, Paul, George And Ringo at some of their most famous concerts - from the Cavern Club to Shea Stadium and beyond.

The group retain a cultural magnetism that makes them hard to ignore. Four ordinary lads from Liverpool thrust into the spotlight, they had an influence over society in the 60s that has proved impossible to match.

Now an exciting piece of rock history could be yours to own. The 1962 contract signed by the group for manager Brian Epstein is up for grabs in a new pay-to-enter competition.

Brian Epstein managed the group to world success, before dying of a drugs overdose in 1967. A shrewd businessmen, he nonetheless lost the band millions of dollars in American merchandising rights.

However Epstein's legacy remains. The Beatles went on to become icons, and arguably would not have been given their big chance had it not been for their manager's persistent calls to record labels.

Ted Owen, Business Development Director of The Imagine Corporation Says “During my 30 years of experience in the Memorabilia business, there has been nothing more exciting than this opportunity to reward a lucky fan with popular music’s ultimate prize, something that Beatles fans around the world could only dream of!"

The historic contract has been insured for £500,000, but in a new competition fans will be asked to guess what experts believe it would sell for at auction. The new contest is being run by the Imagine Corporation and is restricted to entrants who are 18 and over.

To view the contract click HERE!

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