Adam Yauch issues statement

Adam Yauch of hip hop giants Beastie Boys has issued a new statement thanking fans for their support after a recent cancer scare.

The long time jokers of rap were brought to a shuddering halt earlier this year. On the cusp of releasing their new album 'Hot Sauce Committee' Beastie Boys released a video statement confirming that rapper MCA had discovered a growth in his throat.

Although the tumour was very minor and would not affect his vocal cords, MCA was nonetheless forced to have a very serious operation.

Cancelling the release of their new album, the band took a break to allow MCA to recuperate. In a new statement the rapper reveals that the operation was a success, with the musician travelling to India to recover.

"so i just got back from dharamsala, india. went over there to see some tibetan doctors, but as it worked out, the Dalai Lama was giving a 3 day teaching, so i was able to attend that as well."

"i'm feeling healthy, strong and hopeful that i've beaten this thing, but of course time will tell. i'm taking tibetan medicine and at the recommendation of the tibetan doctors i've been eating a vegan/organic diet, which surprisingly enough was harder to do in india than it is now that i'm back home. here i can just shop for the right food and cook... a lot easier than depending on restaurants."

MCA continued by referring to the now mythic release of Beastie Boys new album 'Hot Sauce Committee'.

"we have not set a new release date for the record yet, but i'm hoping it'll be in the first half of next year. looking forward to that, but in the meantime, i'm just enjoying a little downtime in massachusetts, taking walks in the woods and hanging out with the family.... still doing a little work related to oscilloscope, watching screeners and attending some screenings, but for the most part, just laying low."

There is no official release date for 'Hot Sauce Committee'. Get well soon MCA!

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