"It's sounding good..."

Beady Eye have revealed that they have begun writing material for their second album.

Refusing to be dimmed by the death throes of Oasis, Liam Gallagher simply launched a new band. Recruiting several former band mates, Beady Eye raced out the tracks with their quickly recorded debut album.

Yet something didn't seem to click. Clash editor Simon Harper caught Beady Eye in action supporting The Stone Roses, and left unimpressed with what he'd seen. "Unfortunately, the limp swagger of Beady Eye was - despite the inclusion of Oasis favourites 'Rock N Roll Star' and 'Morning Glory' - a disappointing build-up to the headliners. Ironic, then, that as one sneering Manc frontman attempts a fruitful reunion with his old pals, another is clutching at memories as his band slowly fade."

Thankfully, Beady Eye are continuing to move forward. Chatting with 6Music, Liam Gallagher revealed that he was already planning the band's second album. "It's sounding good" he said. "We've got a bit more writing to do, but we'll go in and record some time this year. If Stone Roses and Beady Eye both release an album next year, everything will be alright."

"The first album came straight off the back of Oasis splitting up and we just wanted to be in a band again, so we just went straight in and did it. This time, we're taking our time a bit. We're not worried with having to be out there, we'll be there when the songs are absolutely bang on."

Continuing, Liam Gallagher reflected on the rushed nature of the band's debut album. "We had the rug pulled from us by 'a certain someone', we didn't want the band to split up" he insisted. "We wanted to crack on and even when Oasis used to finish tours and talk about having years off, we'd all be like 'We're not getting any younger and if you like something, keep doing it all the time, have six months and then let's make another record'. So that's what we did with this one. The songs are a lot better on this album, they have to be."

Beady Eye are currently working on their second album.

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