'In With The Flynns' to air tonight (June 8th)

Beady Eye are set to provide the theme tune for the new BBC comedy 'In With The Flynns'.

The first post-Oasis venture to poke its head above the parapet, Beady Eye were always going to provoke debate. Releasing their typically blunt debut album earlier this year, the indie rockers got their wish.

Smashing into the Top Ten, Liam Gallagher's statements of bravado pushed the band into the headlines. Beginning to establish themselves outside the shadow of their former group, Beady Eye are now looking forward to a packed summer season.

Peppered with high profile festival slots and headline dates, Beady Eye are also set to invade your television screens.

The band's track 'For Anyone' is due to soundtrack the upcoming BBC sitcom 'In With The Flynns'. A new show, it stars Will Mellor and Niky Wardley as a couple of Mancunians adjusting to their early 30s.

“I had a great time working on In With the Flynns with a fantastic cast" commented Mellor. "I can’t wait to see what the public think of it.”

Producer Caryn Manabach said: “This experience has been a delight. I’m thrilled to find that families here in the UK are just as extraordinary and funny as they are back in the US.”

Of course, the move will only hasten comparisons to Oasis. The Royle Family was of course soundtracked by the Oasis cut 'Half The World Away' - a melancholic number which was sung by Noel Gallagher.

Beady Eye will try to bodyswerve comparisons, which are almost certain to dog them for the duration of the series.

Meanwhile, Kasabian have been working on a sit com of their own. The band were invited to get on board by friends, with Tom Meighan set to star while Serge Pizzorno is due to provide the soundtrack.

'In With The Flynns' is due to launch tonight (June 8th) on BBC One.

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