'Big anthems' planned

Beady Eye are set to work on new material, with their second album planned for next summer.

Liam Gallagher doesn't like to hang around. Within weeks of Oasis disintegrating the frontman had formed a new group, with Beady Eye heading straight into the studio to work on fresh material.

Released earlier this year, 'Different Gear, Still Speeding' was a typically divisive introduction. Entering the Top Ten, Beady Eye followed the album with a full British tour which focussed on intimate shows.

Speaking to MTV News, the frontman claimed that a follow up would come quickly. "We've started and it's sounding good – we're not messing about. We'll have bits of time off but we won't be sitting around watching Jeremy Kyle, we'll be in the studio."

Continuing the singer explained that the album would be "storming" and is set to be packed with "great anthems and epic tunes".

Did you really expect him to say anything else?

Timescale-wise, Beady Eye plan to get back into the studio in February 2012 before releasing their second album in the summer.

Expanding on the prospect of new material, the frontman recently told XFM that Beady Eye have already been writing fresh tracks. "We've been in the studio messing around with a few tunes," he said.

"We're going to finish the tour about Christmas time, then about February go in the studio and hopefully have it out by summer. We're not going to rush it, but we're not going to fuck about either. We've got the songs, we're ready to go."

Leaving with a parting message, Liam Gallagher slammed his brother Noel for missing out on Manchester City's victory in the FA Cup Final. "He's a scaredy cat. He can't handle being in with the real fans. He was in LA, wasn't he? With all those LA type people."

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