Plus: watch the band performing it at Glastonbury...
Shine A Light

Beady Eye are set to release their new single 'Shine A Light' on August 19th.

Beady Eye might just pull this off. Facing criticism for their debut album, the band retreated into the studio with Dave Sitek to peel apart their sound. Returning earlier this summer, 'BE' is undeniably a step forward.

Breezing into Glastonbury last month, Beady Eye opened the event with a secret set which was watched by a truly staggering crowd. Seeing out the summer with more festival appearances, the band will release new single 'Shine A Light' on August 19th.

The artwork - featured above - features a photograph shot by Harri Peccinotti, who of course shot the image which adorns the cover of 'BE'.

Check out footage of Beady Eye performing 'Shine A Light' at Glastonbury.

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'Shine A Light' is set to be released on August 19th.

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