As Gem Archer continues recovery...
Beady Eye

Beady Eye have postponed their V Festival show as Gem Archer continues his recovery.

Whatever your opinion on their musical merits, there can be little doubt that Gem Archer is one of rock’s nice guys. Taking time with fans, the guitarist has always come across as an easy-going, accessible individual with music at heart.

Which is why the past few days have been so distressing for fans. Admitted to hospital with ‘severe head trauma’ the guitarist was described as stable, but kept under observation.

As a result, Beady Eye have postponed all live activities for August. In a statement, the band said: "Beady Eye regret to announce that they are cancelling their performance at V Festival and their remaining scheduled shows and promotional commitments in August due to guitarist Gem Archer suffering severe head trauma after an accident on August 1."

"The band apologise to fans, but under the circumstances feel they can not perform without Gem and want to focus on supporting him throughout his recovery. Gem was released from hospital yesterday evening and is recovering at home though remains under observation."

Get well soon, Gem!

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