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Banjo Or Freakout has spoken to ClashMusic about the making of his debut album.

Real name Alessio Natalizia, Banjo Or Freakout began life as a bedroom project. Using a vast array of guitar pedals to create a wall of noise, the producer began carving exotic shapes into the bedrock.

A series of one off singles and EPs build his reputation, with Banjo Or Freakout's live show becoming the stuff of legend. Working on his debut album, the full length is set to be released on Memphis Industries.

Due to drop next Monday (February 28th) you can stream the album on ClashMusic. Just click HERE to start listening!

Meanwhile, the producer took time out to write a Track-by-Track guide for ClashMusic. Recently released as a free download, '105' is a dream-like mixture of The Beach Boys and shoegaze atmospherics.

"It was one of the last demos I recorded before going to make the album. At some point I got really into Dennis Wilson and Bobb Trimble and realised banjo or freakout had to be a pop band so I kind of got inspired and wrote this song in 30 mins" he said.

"We kept the vocals I recorded at home because the mood was perfect but recorded lots of acoustic guitars (I love the way they come in during the bridge part.. they almost sound like vocals or violins giving the song a totally different harmony)".

Continuing, Banjo Or Freakout explained some of the different influences which make up the album. The track 'Move Out' was apparently inspired by a childhood obsession with The Ramones.

"I like the way this song ends. It reminds me of that Ramones album 'End Of The Century' which used to be one of my favourites when I was a kid. I added real drums in the studio and recorded vocals in one take" he said.

"It's one of the poppiest songs on the album. I was a bit scared of using the 'wall of sound' beat since so many bands have been doing that in the past few years but it's a song I wrote almost three years ago and always really liked it and just thought it worked only with that beat."

Read the entire piece HERE.

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