Banjo Or Freakout Releases Christmas Album

Via Bandcamp...
Banjo Or Freakout has tackled a host of Christmas classics on a new festive album.

Real name Alessio Natalizia, Banjo Or Freakout is responsible for some gloriously fuzzed up electronic pop music. The producer released a full length earlier this year, before hooking up with Sam Willis (Allez Allez) to focus on the second Walls album.

Recently completing a tour with The Field, Alessio Natalizia is set to peel away from Walls to release a Christmas album. (via The Quietus)

Returning to his Banjo Or Freakout moniker, the producer will maintain a Christmas tradition by releasing a festive album. 'XA2011' is available now on BandCamp - the first 1000 downloads are free, after which it becomes a 'name your price' deal.

Stream / download the album below, and check out Banjo Or Freakout's festive message after the jump...

- - -

In ongoing banjo tradition here's my xmas album for the year.
It features 9 songs that you might have heard before or not and it comes a little later because I wasn't really going to do a xmas album this year but then since I was sick at home for the last week I decided to have a go at it.
Being ill I wasn't really able to sing but then it's not that I am that great of a singer anyway. (In 'Winter wonderland' you can really hear my voice breaking and dying but I thought that was quite funny to hear!)
This year's album is quite different from the previous ones... some of these songs are way less popular than the ones I've covered before and in general this one is a bit more 'crazy' but I think it goes quite well with the other two...
I had fun doing it. I hope you'll enjoy it!

First 1000 downloads are free then you can name your price.


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