It's out on November 3rd...

AUTOBAHN have announced plans for 'The Moral Crossing' album.

The Leeds band have a seismic live show, an intense fusion of post-punk's gothic streak and brown acid psychedelia.

Setting up their own studio in a disused building, the lengthy, draining sessions that fuelled the new album pushed the group to the brink.

Frontman Craig Johnson explains: "The first album hinted at emotion and feeling, but this record encapsulates that from the offset. The melancholic aspect of our music is often offset by an aggressive dissonance, but to me there's also a romantic side to what we do, which isn't always clear because of the 100mph drive of the band. That's what we are exploring with this new album."

Title track 'The Moral Crossing' is online now - worthy of comparison to early Joy Division or Bauhaus, it's hewn from the deepest, darkest black.

Tune in now.

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