Complete with 'lost' Peel Session
Nick Drake: Remembered For A While

2014 marks the 40th anniversary of Nick Drake's death.

A life cut all too short, the songwriter left behind him a majestic legacy, one that enthrals new fans with each passing day.

Later this year, the first - and only - authorised book on the songwriter's life and work is due to be released. 'Nick Drake: Remembered For A While' will be given a lavish layout, compiled by Nick's sister Gabrielle Drake and by Cally Callomon, manager of Nick’s musical Estate.

As the press release states, the book is divided into five sections which follow the structure of Nick Drake's song 'Fruit Tree':

The Seed: Nick’s early life at home at school and with his family.
The Flower: Nick’s time in France and Cambridge, and his early forays into composing and performing.
The Fruit: Nick’s four Island Records studio albums, the final one remaining unfinished.
The Harvest: Nick’s posthumous rise to fame and discovery by a new generation
The Stock: a comprehensive guide to all of Nick’s work.

Alongside handwritten lyrics and rare documents the tome includes a guide to his musical composition, the tunings and techniques he used to achieve the results he desired.

Fully illustrated, 'Remembered For A While' looks to be a true treasure trove for fans. Gabrielle Drake says: "Nick is evanescent, yet ever present to me: inextricably woven into the fabric of my life, yet rarely appearing in sharp focus – except in his music. Listening to it, I am still overwhelmed by the immediacy of his presence: by melancholy and delight, by amusement (because Nick could be very funny), by bafflement and grief, by love. I think I share these feelings with a growing number of people. Nick’s death has not been an end, but a beginning. And to all who love and know him through his music, he is, perhaps, a brother. Together Cally and I are aiming to produce a book that will not seek to explain Nick, but rather to conjure him up for a brief moment, so that he can, indeed, be Remembered For A While."

'Remembered For A While' will be published in two editions: the standard edition will cost £35 while the deluxe edition will cost £150. Why pay more? Well, the deluxe edition has a limited 10 inch vinyl pressing of Nick Drake's feared-forgotten John Peel session - recorded in the run up to 'Bryter Layter'.

Check out a preview below.

Pre-order 'Nick Drake: Remembered For A While' HERE.

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