Mini album due for release on May 14th

Auntie Flo is set to release new mini-album 'Future Rhythm Machine' on May 14th.

Western music is beginning to open itself up to rather more remote areas. Glasgow's Highlife nights are helped to smash down these barriers, with set lists veering from continent to continent in the blink of an eye.

Head selector Auntie Flo recently analysed the phenomenon for ClashMusic as part of our Global Playlist feature, and revealed that he was working on a conceptual mini-album which would meld these influences together.

'Future Rhythm Machine' will be released on May 14th through Highlife associated label Huntleys & Palmers. Always a thoughtful, literate artist Auntie Flo has offered the following tantalising quote: “Kodwo Eshun talks about the 'futurhythmachine' where he disputes the western futurist pre-occupation with noise in favour of rhythm - it is the rhythm machine which joins the dots between all music of the black atlantic from Afrobeat and Highlife to Techno, Soul and Hip Hop".

"Whilst I have always been interested in 'black music', I had less exposure to African and South American music until a few years ago, so there is still a freshness which is really exciting. I have always been drawn to the rhythm or groove of any piece of music, much more so than lyrical content for example. When I listen to African music i hear new rhythms, new possibilities and a glimpse into another world.”

Watch a preview clip below.

Auntie Flo is set to release 'Future Rhythm Machine' on May 14th. Tracklisting:

A1. Haven’t got any body
A2. La Samaria feat. Mamacita
A3. yllw fllw
A4. He makes the people come
B1. Can I have him
B2. I want to blow your mind feat. Esa
B3. Train
B4. Futurismo

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