Emerges, causes wailing feedback, leaves

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti caused chaos at Coachella this weekend after feuding with the sound engineer and storming offstage.

Ariel Pink has never been easy to predict. A looming figure in the underground, the American singer has helped to sabotage his career as much as his music has helped to propel him to wider acclaim.

Pulling himself together for last year's 'Before Today' set, Ariel Pink was invited to perform at Coachella. A potential breakthrough, with alarming predictability the show ended in chaos.

Spinner reports that Ariel Pink refused to engage with the crowd and seemed distracted throughout. The scorching heat of Coachella did not help, with the singer almost immediately falling out with the sound engineer.

Upset with the levels onstage, Ariel Pink seemed furious and refused to sing. The band battled on, playing a number of tracks, but the American singer stuck resolutely to his stance.

Instead the frontman appeared bored, disinterested and began dancing to the music before causing feedback with his microphone. Fans watching the show were given a partial apology, when Ariel Pink finally said: "I'm sorry. I know you hate me now."

Eventually Ariel Pink gave in, and sang snippets of vocals for the final two tracks. Ending with 'Round And Round' the band departed with their frontman making no attempt to hide his scorn at the show.

The incident was one of few moments of controversy during the weekend. Mumford & Sons played a set on the main stage, which should seal their love affair with the United States.

Recently appearing at the Grammy awards, the band's debut album 'Sigh No More' has become a sleeper hit. Now reaching the upper echelons of the Billboard charts, Mumford & Sons were rewarded with a headline slot at Coachella.

Elsewhere, headliners included Kanye West and The Strokes with Coachella streaming some live footage on the festival's official website.

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